Princess Puzzles

Princess Puzzles

Little H has gone through many stages as she has grown, and with each new stage has been different TV show. At first it was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then it was Peppa Pig, then Tinkerbell. Of late, along with the inevitable Frozen obsession, it has been Sofia the First.

The show first came out about a year ago and I remember myself and my other mum friend setting it to record – we were a bit too excited! I have always loved the Disney princesses and when I learnt there was a new one aimed at younger children I was so pleased. Of course everyone can argue back and forth the merits of such characters, but I simply enjoy the happiness, fantasy and imaginations these shows encourage.
Over the last twelve months Sofia has gradually become a fixture in our pre-bedtime routine, along with several figures H seems to have collected, so I knew she would love to try one of her puzzles from Jumbo Games. She has always loved her puzzles and so one featuring her favourite character was bound to be a winner!

The puzzle we received is aimed at three years plus, with H being three and a half it was the perfect age. It includes three puzzles, with pieces from six to twelves to help them gradually learn how to do them and build up their logic and problem solving skills.
H has always been a little ahead with the suggested age range of puzzles so the first two didn’t take her long to do. The third one was a bit more a challenge, so we sat together as I directed her to any pieces she struggled with. One of her friends was visiting at the time and she is just short of three years old, so it was great for H to sit next to her so they could do it together.
The puzzle pieces are lovely and thick, not too breakable when there is a rough-handed toddler around, and the quality you can expect from Jumbo. I do love these type of puzzles where there is a few to choose from as it offers different levels for the child to progress through, and means if you have more than one child there is enough for them all to do a puzzle and then swap.
The only thing I find with most puzzles is the boxes are very bulky, and easily damaged if they are accidentally stood on. I found a great way for storing them is to cut off the front of the box with the picture on and then put the pieces and the cover in a zip up freezer bag. It cuts down on space but you still have the image to help you when you are doing the puzzle.
This puzzle retails for approximately £7.99 and can be found in many stores.
*We were sent the puzzle for free for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own.

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