Bento Bashing

Bento Bashing

Ever since I joined the blogging world over three years ago I’ve come to know it as an incredible support network. One of the things I love about our community is how so very different we all are and how we come together to celebrate and support those differences.

In today’s society we women can be known for being jealous, cruel and downright bitchy towards each other. Where men can have their spats and leave it behind them, women can carry on the dispute for weeks, months and even years. I, for one, am proud to be part of a community that does it best to support each other and encourage the diversity we have.

For the most part.

Tonight I read a post that really saddened me. For some reason one blogger decided to downright attack another blogger for seemingly no other reason than she did not enjoy doing what said blogger did. And she did so on an incredible open forum with no provocation. The topic in mind was Bento Boxes – a recent trend for creating enticing lunchboxes that has become increasingly popular. This harmless hobby, which encourages children to break bad eating habits and try foods they wouldn’t normally, was the cause of one woman to viciously attack another.

I realise that because we put ourselves out there for the world to read, we also put ourselves out there for criticism. And I am fine with that – not everyone can agree with each other and I wouldn’t want them to. But this article went past ‘I don’t like this because…’, it became personal. Comments such as ‘has she no life’ and ‘Get.A.Job.’ are plain derogatory. Whether you agree with someone or not, whether you enjoy the same hobbies or not, what gives any of us the right to go out and attack someone else for something they enjoy? And who are we to judge one anothers skills as a parent? It all seems very playground nastiness to me.

I think as mums we all have enough pressure on us, not mention the inevitable mummy guilt, that the last thing any of us need is pressure from one another. I have found so much support doing something I love, I would be mortified to find it torn to pieces by another blogger for no reason at all.

I really feel that this is something that should not be accepted or tolerated. If you have an opinion, fine, but can we not learn to deliver those opinions in a constructive way that does not rip somebody else’s personality to shreds? I really don’t see what anyone gets from this kind of article apart from negative attention and a bitter aftertaste.

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