Sunshine Therapy

Sunshine Therapy

Finally Spring is here! It feels like it has been a long winter stuck indoors – of course it has been pretty mild really but when my ME flared up over Christmas I feel like we’ve been trapped inside ever since.

This week Mr H has taken a few days off work and it has been lovely having him around. On Wednesday we met up with some friends and went to a local hall, Haigh Hall. The grounds there are lovely and there were some rides and inflatables set up also.

We had a gentle walk around, the children played on the swings and the we found a spot in the walled garden where our crazy kids could run around safely and we could have a rest. Between our two couple we have five kids aged four and under, so it is always crazy when we get together. It is lovely though as our children our close in age and get along really well together, particularly J and one of their little boys who are never apart!

It was so lovely to be out in the sunshine and whilst I was tired when we got home it was a nice kind of tired. That day I made the decision to try and get out more often. If I can get some help and get us all out of the house doing something not too exerting, it is worth it for all our well-being. Just feeling the sun on us and watching the children play is enough for me.

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