Giving Your Husband A Makeover For Date Night!

Giving Your Husband A Makeover For Date Night!

Right from the start of a relationship, it seems to be the woman who puts the most effort in when dressing for a date. I still remember the grey polo shirt that Mr H threw on for our first date – compared to the hours I probably spent trying on outfit after outfit! There’s no surprise then, that once married, men may give up on trying to impress their ladies. I only posted a photo last week of Mr H all dapper in his suit – for a night out with his mates! When he’s with me it’s tracksuits pants and baggy tees all the way – charming! Surely it is about time that our men stepped up to the mark and dressed to impress?

It may well be a battle you’ll never win, but wouldn’t it be nice to look over the table and see that special man in your life dressed in something other than the same old shirt, jeans and shoes? Agreed, It can be near impossible to drag a man out shopping on the high street, but the online shopping world means there is absolutely no excuse for the reluctant shopper! A beer, pizza, a laptop and some subtle direction is all they need. Men need visual advice, so what better than an online video like this one produced by The guardian. You can also point him in the right direction – auction sites like will keep him busy and we all know men like a bargain, so he may actually get some satisfaction out of shopping.  
If they are still left scratching their heads, or another part of their anatomy, why not find a few suggestions yourself that they can just click and buy. Here are some ideas on where to start:
Start at the top
A crisp ironed shirt can make any man look and feel dapper. Designers like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger are particularly good for a nice shirt. Look for 100% cotton for that extra quality feel and reduced sweat threat! A V-neck jumper or blazer will finish the look. If a shirt is a definite no goer, then there are some very sharp looking polo shirts around. Pretty Green have a great selection.
Get him out of jeans! 
There are so many alternatives to the faithful old blue denim, although cords and  linen trousers may be a bit too ‘out there’ for many. However, there are still plenty of different trouser styles to tempt him with. Stone-coloured tailored jeans can look very smart and should be well within a man’s comfort zone. Suit trousers are not really ok, he doesn’t want to feel like he’s still at work or at a wedding, so find some very nice tailored cross-casual trousers. If you really can’t get him out of jeans, then make sure he invests in some good quality classic ones such as Levi’s or Diesel.
Classically stylish footwear
Make sure the look is not spoiled by some shabby footwear. There are some very stylish shoes about at the moment, none more than men’s brogues. They look swanky and sophisticated but are very adaptable and can be worn with most things. Samuel Windsor, specialists in formal, wear tell us more about the shoe and how to wear them.
Barber-shop makeover
We often treat ourselves to an afternoon in the hairdressers and beauticians, but why not book in your man for the full works at a fancy barbers? This can include a face massage, shave and haircut. He is sure to leave feeling smooth and smelling great, which although he might not admit, he will definitely want to do again.
So the general idea of this exercise is to ensure you have carefully and strategically directed the whole thing from afar, but that they think it was all their idea… well, best keep it that way!

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