Matilda Mae & Mia Tui

Matilda Mae & Mia Tui

Last weekend was spent in a confliction of emotions – happiness, sadness, love, loss, laughter, tears. But above all it was a weekend of being together and remembering. It was the Matilda Mae Remembers service.

Myself, Susanne and Heather all made the trip down to Kent together on the train. On the way down we chatted about inane things, laughed as we each shared our stories and made the young man next to us quite uncomfortable, I’m sure.

We arrived and were greeted by Jennie and Michelle, along with the gorgeous E & W, who had been admiring the trains whilst they waited for us.

We had drinks, we tried Wagamammas for the first time and we were together. It was lovely.

And of course Saturday arrived and before we knew it we were sat in that little church, surrounded by so many who were to remember their own losses. I felt humbled and desperately sad for all the tragedy that had surrounded those people, and how brave they were for sharing their stories. I tried my best to put myself in their shoes but really there is no way to. So we sang along, lit a candle and sent our bubbles to the skies.

And then in no time we were on the train returning home. And again we shared our stories, we laughed and we cried, and we became firm friends. I am hugely grateful to Susanne and Heather for that time and for listening.

Whilst I was down in Kent there was something that said hello to me time and time again – Mia Tui. That little silver star that dangled from pink and purple delights all around me, calling out to me. So when I got home that night I pulled out my laptop and sealed the deal – I now have a little Matilda Mae all of my own. And she is beautiful.

If you have never heard of Mia Tui, then please do go have a look. Or come to my house and take a peek at mine, because you can’t understand them until you see them – they are beautiful bags. Soft leather, stunning interiors and there are so many shapes and sizes, there is definitely one for everyone. Their prices start from £15 so you don’t have to break the bank to own a beautiful bag, and a little piece of something special.

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