Me & Mine – February

Me & Mine – February

dear beautiful

I’m starting to get into this linky and thinking more about what photo I am going to share and so taking more family photos of us – which is the whole point! As yet I’ve not got a whole lot of choice, but I’m hoping this will encourage us to take family photos a lot more often as we go along.

I also want to use this linky as a regular update on H and J, so I can look back and see how they have progressed.

Little H
This month my little madam has been up and down with her behaviour, but I think it’s more up than down, which is definitely progress! This morning the children played together without fighting for over an hour, which is a record, and she is getting a lot better at controlling her temper and not lashing out at J. Of course it doesn’t always go to plan, especially if she is tired, but I am proud she is trying so hard.
She is such a little chatterbox and is always telling me all sorts of stories. She has recently started to use her imagination a lot more and plays mummies and daddies with her friend. She also tells me she can see fairies and colours all around her when we are driving about, which I love to encourage.
She has started getting up at 6.30am again, so we have had to reinforce the Gro-Clock and get a little stricter, as 6.30 on a weekend is no good! After a couple of mornings of paddies she seems to have accepted she has to stay in her room, although it is generally only with the encouragement of Robots on the iPad!
Baby J
I have to say, whilst the pre-walking days of H, around nine months, were my favourite, this is my favourite time with J. He is such a treasure and little character and makes us laugh so much with his antics. He copies everything and today had us all in stitches whilst he copied his Pops boxing at him!
That’s not to say that he isn’t a little monkey and if left on his own for two minutes always gets into something he shouldn’t and can often be found having a paddle in the dogs water bowl or climbing onto the dining table or windowsill with a well placed toy.
He sleeps so much, especially compared to how he was as a baby – even up to 12 months he would cry himself to sleep every night. Now he quite happily goes into his cot, along with his dummy and precious blankie and sleeps through from 7.30pm until 8.30am if he isn’t disturbed! He also has about 90 minutes sleep through the day.
H has now started an extra day at nursery on a Monday, so it’s just me and him for the day and I think he loves the attention. Whilst I do need to get some work done, he very cutely comes to grab my hand when he wants me to play, or climbs onto my lap with a book, and I can’t do anything but give in!

This month’s photo was taken after a christening left weekend, when we were all dressed up. Of course, it’s not perfect with two little ones trying to get them to smile at the same time, and this time the dog even jumped in for the shot! Still, it definitely makes me smile!

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