Some Ideas For Kids Bedding Sets

Some Ideas For Kids Bedding Sets

Little H is three years old and whilst she doesn’t bedtime, getting her to settle to sleep willingly can be a challenge.

Full of boundless energy and excitement with lots of ideas of things to do it can be so difficult to coax her into going to bed. I have learnt from speaking to other mums that one great way of making bedtime more appealing is to make the bed more interesting and personalised by choosing with them a bedspread. 

We had a look online together and she chose three bedspreads she liked. Whereas before we would have the same old battle every evening now she is content with going to bed as she gets to lie beneath her own duvet. Below are six of what are some great kid’s bedspreads. 

1. If there is a child who doesn’t like pirates I haven’t met them! sell a fantastic pirate design featuring a treasure chest, a pirate, a ship and of course the scourge of the seven seas the dreaded Jolly Roger! 

2. Houzz – Pem America Soccer Quilt Set. If your child is into football and not too hung up any one club they will love this quilt set with wonderful green colours and large football motif. Looks very comfortable as well so that’s a goal!

3. The adorable little cat whose face is featured on everything from raincoats to guitars (!) also comes in bedspread form. “Hello Kitty” is a cherished timeless cultural icon but is so cute too! WorldStores stock these beautiful pink patterned bedspreads with quirky lettering.

4. Children are often fascinated by animals so I can imagine that this charming three-piece bed set featuring crocodiles, giraffes, monkeys and more will stir their imaginations. They really are wonderfully illustrated whilst the earthy colours would fit particularly well in a traditional looking room with wooden sash windows and stripped floorboards. 

5. The night sky mesmerises even the most remarkable minds and can do wonders for a child’s imagination. Houzz stock a bedspread that illustrates the solar system against a beautiful royal blue background. Educational and cosy!

6. The noise, the speed, the sheer size and power… many children love cars. Turn your child’s bed into a sports car with a bedspread from There are as many different bedspreads as there are colours, patterns and cartoons so there really is no excuse for a boring, bland bedtime! 

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