Home Decor: Planning My Living Room

Home Decor: Planning My Living Room

My next port of call for designing the interior of our home is the living room. The room is still very much a blank canvas and I am looking forward to putting my stamp on it.

I have loved the country french/shabby chic style for a while now, and renovated an old unit I bought on eBay two years ago and it has become the key piece in my living room. From this I have set the style of the room and taken the duck egg blue colour to use a calm and warm accent colour.

I have also been gathering various items over the last year which match my theme.

Heart Garland by Lovehearts, Embroidery Hoop by LuluLocket, Print by Pen & Paint

When we moved into the house just over a year ago, all the rooms were a big magnolia boxes and we chose a neutral carpet so it would last longer. We wanted a new sofa for the front room as our old one was a huge L-shaped and just wouldn’t have fit. When I spotted the Vienna at SCS I knew it was the perfect one to go with the style I wanted, and despite them being pale in colour and probably unpractical with children, a year later and I don’t regret them.

I have been saving for a while to get the room wallpapered and recently spotted some Laura Ashley paper that I fell in love with. It is a bit pricey for me (£40 a roll), but after trying to find a cheaper alternative I just can’t find one I like as much, so have decided to plump for the Laura Ashley.

I also would really like to add a picture rail all the way around the room. My sister had one in her spare bedroom and I absolutely loved it. For a modern house with very little personality I feel this would put some charm and character into the room. I plan on adding the wallpaper above the rail on three walls and then to cover the whole feature wall.

The final stage of the process is a fireplace. I hate that the room doesn’t have a focal point apart from the TV and when it’s cold in winter I love to light the fire and snuggle up under a blanket. I have really missed that in the two winters we have spent here. I am hoping this is the year to rectify this, finances depending. I would absolutely love a log burner, unfortunately there is no chimney so it will have to be electric. Also the other downfall of no chimney breast is that there is fireplace to set a burner into, so we will have to create an illusion of one with a surround. This will be oak to match the TV unit we have.

I hoping to start the project in the nest month so do check back soon for an update!

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