Common Pregnancy Problems

Common Pregnancy Problems

When I was pregnant with my two I experienced several uncomfortable issues throughout the nine months. I thought I would share my experiences and how they can be eased.

Nausea – This will be most common in your first trimester, although everyone experiences to different extents and length of time. I didn’t suffer too badly with my first, but felt very nauseous with my second for the first and half of the second trimester. I’d suggest eating something like toast for breakfast that isn’t too rich and make sure you have plenty of fluids. If it becomes a problem your GP can recommend anti-sickness tablets and some people wear travel sickness bands on their arms. I also heard ginger is a good remedy for sickness, but do check with your pharmacist before buying.

SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) – This is when the muscles around your pubic bone soften, causing your joints to move and soft tissue damage, leading to inflammation and pain. It usually starts after the first trimester and can be really painful, some people need support to get around and even can end up in a wheelchair. I suffered this with both my children, which I put down to be so small and therefore gaining a large percent of body weight meaning my body had extra pressure put on it. There are a few ways you can ease this – a pelvic support band can help to give quick relief by taking some of the weight for you, easing the pressure. Exercises such as pregnancy yoga and those that focus on the pelvic floor can help with sciatica pain. Taking care of what positions you sit and lie in and get up from can ensure you put as little unnecessary pressure on your joints as possible. By the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t walk very far without the pain flaring up and my husband had to do any lifting or stretching for me – in the end you just have to accept your limitations and try not to overdo it.

Heartburn and Indigestion – This was never really a problem for me during my first pregnancy but I suffered terribly with it when I was pregnant with Baby J, particularly heartburn after every meal. Supposedly you get this more with girls, but it certainly wasn’t the way for me! There are several high street remedies you can try – Gaviscon is a good one as it forms a layer on top of the stomach contents soon act as a barrier and helps keep all the contents in the stomach, not letting them seep back up into the oesophagus where they hurt.

Struggling to breathe – Another problem with me being so small is, as the baby grew, I had less and less room to breathe. It was especially a problem when I laid down and I would often have to sit myself upright to try and get some sleep. There isn’t a cure for this until the baby comes along, but to try and ease it you can sleep on your side or use a maternity pillow which will give you and your bump some more support.

Hopefully there are a few tips here to ease your pregnancy symptoms – if you have any of your own do leave them in the comments below!
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