Guest Post: A Dad’s View on Choosing Girls Outfits by Daddy Space

Guest Post: A Dad’s View on Choosing Girls Outfits by Daddy Space

My name is James I blog over at Daddy Space – UK Parenting, lifestyle and dieting. I have three children: Charlie, 4, Harry, 2, and Olivia, 1. I mostly cover parenting subjects on my blog, recently I have started to follow the Slimming World Diet and have really been enjoying posting recipes and weight loss updates. Lisa has been kind enough to let me write a guest post for you today.

Today’s I would like to talk about girls clothing, specifically when choosing what to dress your little girl in. If your little girls’ clothing drawers or wardrobe are anything like ours then all the outfits are mixed up. All items are separated so the tights are in one drawer and tops are in another, etc . Matching tights and tops are not kept together and this is where us dads really begin to struggle choosing matching outfits.

This poses a huge problem for me, and I’m sure dads a-like – we come to get our princesses dressed and the poor little girls end up looking like a mishmash from the seventies. The outfits we chaps end up picking out notoriously clash in colour or even pattern, sometimes both. We do not do this on purpose, even though I’m sure my wife thinks I do, I try my hardest to actually pick out something that looks great. The only time I get this right is remembering what my wife has dressed her in previously.

There are many things surrounding this dilemma which confuse the matter more, for example the nice jumper I thought Olivia had turned out to be a jumper dress!!!! So not only do I have to match colours and patterns I have to identify which items of clothing require just tights and not a skirt as well.

Getting the boys dressed  much more simple you have three ingredients: a t-shirt, jeans and socks. The jeans are generally navy blue so any t-shirt will go with them and the socks can be which ever pattern or colour you fancy. Simples…….!

This is not a plea for a change in the way everyone stacks clothing but just a expression of a dads view. I hope I’m not the only fashion numb bloke out there. Do your partners find it a challenge to match clothing for little girls? Are you a dad who has the same predicament or are you a fashion savvy dad?

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