The Next Stage

The Next Stage

Yesterday I posted about my plans for Little H’s bedroom. After turning three in December she left the toddler days behind and is now a little girl, or a little madam depending on her mood! Baby J is always leaving his baby days behind as he turns two in May, and he will take over the role of terrible toddler in our house.

With all that in mind we are quickly reaching the next stage when it comes to sleeping – beds. H went into a toddler bed at the young age of 15 months, ready for J’s arrival. However at 21 months J is still in his cot, as there just wasn’t a need to move him. However we are feeling now that the time is rapidly upon us, our little boy is ready for a bed.

H’s first night in a bed
Still in his cot at 21 months

So we will be moving him into H’s toddler bed, and she will migrate to a full single. Gulp.

I have been researching beds for a while now. We don’t want to spend an absolute fortune on her bed, but I do want something nice and something that will last. After considering many types I have been leaning more towards the cabin bed. They look great, and are practical wit storage underneath, but not too high for her climbing in and out on a night.

I have looked all over the place, including Ikea and John Lewis, but in the end I think have decided on one from Argos. They have a great range of beds available here, and many of their prices are very reasonable. I like the Leo single and for only £99.99 I think it is a great price.

I ordered the bedding for her room yesterday, so the process has definitely begun. I cannot believe how quickly our babies are growing and am a little sad that those baby days are behind us. When I look at J snuggled up in his cot, still with a dummy and blankie, it makes me wonder if I’m ready to leave those days behind us. Yet I am excited for the next stages and to watch my two grow up together.

*This post is brought to you is association with Argos

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