Home Decor: Planning Little H’s Bedroom Makeover

Home Decor: Planning Little H’s Bedroom Makeover

Since we moved into our new house last November we have done very little in the way of decorating. we bought lots of furniture and carpet, but the walls still remain magnolia throughout and there is very little cohesiveness in any of the rooms. H’s room is a prime example of this – her toddler bed which will soon be J’s, wardrobes from our old bedroom that are far too big, a spray painted bookcase that really doesn’t work and no shelving to keep any of her nicknack’s we’ve collected over the last few years.
So as J grows and we plan on rearranging both bedrooms, I have been pinning away, planning for the makeover. H has always been a pink girl, in my eyes at least, whether or not she chooses this when she’s older remains to be seen. When I saw the above colour palette of mint green and baby pink I just loved it – it felt so calming and girly.

The first idea I wanted to carry on was that of butterflies. Before she was born, for some reason I always associated my little girl with butterflies. I made butterfly pieces for her nursery and bought a butterfly wall decal for her wall. With each move we made the butterflies flew beside us, and remain all around her room. I really love the idea of cardstock punches fluttering up her bedroom wall and so have ordered these in my chosen colours.

The butterfly decal in H’s nursery

Next I saw some lovely bedding in Dunelm Mill and so my mum bought her the matching cushion and wall hanging for Christmas and I will be purchasing the bedding. It is fairy themed, but not ostentatious and in your face. It reminded me of Victoria Plum – a fairy from my childhood days.


I have been thinking for ages of painting wide stripes down one wall. I love the effect it makes and adds an extra element to previously beige walls. I plan on doing this on one wall of H’s room, but I also want to paint her silhouette in the centre of this wall – we’ll see how successful this will be!

I really like the idea I’ve seen of using the Ikea spice racks for bookshelves. At only £3 each even if this doesn’t work it’s not a lot of money spent! I plan on painting them the brown accent colour in my colour scheme and probably adding four to the room to make sure there is enough shelving. And she definitely needs something to replace this monstrosity!

For now we will keep her existing bed, until we feel J is ready to move out of his cot. I will be changing the bedding and probably keep the current butterfly set as a spare. Hopefully I can get rid of the blue bed rail too!

I also plan on reducing the size of her wardrobes. We can’t afford to buy new right now so I’m hoping we can split them down so just one side can be used. I am then thinking of some sort of washi tape project to spruce them up!

One of the main features will be a Tinkerbell decal. Like the one above, but in a baby pink, I want to put this at the head of H’s bed, to add a sprinkle of magic to her dreams each night. Finally I really want to put a canopy above her bed, so am planning on making one myself using a short curtain pole and some sheer fabric.

So that is my plan! Check back soon to see how we are progressing!

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