Tutorial: DIY Washi Tape Desk

Tutorial: DIY Washi Tape Desk

When I decided to set up an office in our spare bedroom, I needed a desk. Budgets did not really allow for me to spend a fortune, and besides I do love upcycling old furniture. My sister had an old desk she didn’t want anymore, so I took it off her hands and put it to good use.

I wanted my office space to be colourful, but not garish. I saw this pin on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea, so decided to give it a go.


I ordered some washi tape from Cutetape and set to work.

I started by cleaning and then sanding down the old desk. It was a laminate finish, so these don’t really need a lot of work, just enough so there is a key for the paint to stick to. I painted a coat of white undercoat, then on the areas I wasn’t taping I painted two coats of beige paint, which I had left over from the dresser I did a couple of years back.

Once it was all dry, it was time for the washi fun to begin! I was really excited about this part and how it would turn out. The process is really simple – just tape a line of each colour one after the other until you reach the other end! I made sure there was enough tape at each end to wrap underneath and once I had finished it all, taped it down with clear packing tape so the ends didn’t peel back.

I then did the same with the drawers fronts, and I debated doing it on the keyboard drawer but thought that would be a bit too much.

I spent ages online scouring for the perfect drawers handles. I measured the distance between the screw holes and thought I’d ordered the perfect size. Unfortunately where they arrived I was mistaken! In the end I decided to use one of the holes that was already there, and set them slightly off centre to each other. I think they look quirky and definitely different!

I also decided I wanted the desk to have a clear top. After all that work I didn’t want the tape ruined by my Mac sliding about all over it. I searched for glass tops but they seemed so expensive, considering how little the actual desk had cost me. I opted for a plastic one instead and I was really pleased when it came. It fits perfectly and a fraction of the cost of glass.

I absolutely love the desk. The washi tape is so effective and it really is a feature in the room. I love sitting at it, knowing I made it myself. My sister couldn’t believe the transformation from a piece of junk she would have scrapped to what it is now!



My office is just about complete so look out for a room tour coming soon!

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