Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

It is that time of year where we are all thinking of our 2014 UK holiday breaks – the weather is dreary and in some places snowy and we crave long, sunny days laid out doing very little.

I posted only last week about our thoughts for this year’s summer holiday and the fact we had decided to stay in the UK. At the time we had decided to make the most of my in-laws caravan in Wales. However since then we have decided to go away with friends to Cornwall. I’m exactly looking forward to the long drive down there, but we are really excited to go away as a group with the children, and hopefully the weather will treat us well!

There are a few options we have considered of what type of accommodation to stay in and they all have their positives and negatives.


And by this I mean a static, I’m afraid a touring caravan is not for me! We are familiar with static vans with my in-laws owning one in Wales. These are great as they aren’t too expensive and often on sites filled with amenities and activities for the children right on your doorstep. The downside of these is they can be cramped when filled with children and their belongings, so space is at a minimum.

A cottage


There are so many beautiful cottages in the UK, finding one to suit your needs isn’t difficult. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can choose one to suit your needs and many are beautifully restored or converted from old buildings. we have stayed in a few cottages over the years and always felt they were cosy and homely – the type of place you want to curl up in front of the fire in. The only problem with these is they can be more on the expensive side and sometimes far away from anything, meaning a car is a necessity.

A lodge or chalet

Many holiday parks now have lodges or chalets on site, some are even dedicated to this type of accommodation. We visited a park like this last year in Derbyshire and had a lovely time – the accommodation was enough for what we needed and the grounds were well maintained. There was also plenty to do on our doorstep. With these types of accommodation you get the beauty of a cottage-style residence on a site filled with things to keep you occupied. Of course the lodges aren’t quite as luxurious as a cottage can be, however many are of a high standard you may be surprised. These can also sometimes be expensive, though, and do make sure you take into consideration any extra activities when adding up what spending money to take.



Apparently the new concept that is becoming popular is ‘poshtels’ – upgraded hostels. Last year The Youth Hostel Association spent £10million on refurbishments and even added bridal suites! many of these are set in beautiful locations, such as the Lake District, offering you the chance to see somewhere you wouldn’t normally. If you are looking for accommodation with a difference, but have a low budget these maybe the places to look out for.

So there are a few ideas for your UK break this year, let’s just hope the weather is kind to us! Where are you planning on getting away this year?

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