Snow Fun Activities for Kids

Snow Fun Activities for Kids

So apparently the UK is due it’s first snowfall of 2014 – Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes recently commented “The odds suggest a White Christmas might be making a late appearance this winter.” I have to say I welcome that with mixed feelings – I love to look at the snow, particularly when it’s all new and untouched first thing on a morning. It really does make even the ugliest of sites look so pretty and magical. Unfortunately, not only am I not an outdoors person, but I hate the cold! Not really great for wintery fun!

Last year daddy and Auntie Laura took to the snow whilst myself and Baby J watched from indoors, lovely and toasty. This year though, I fear I may be dragged outside to partake in the merriment. Boy do I feel like Scrooge!
So I have taken to Pinterest and sourced some great snowy fun ideas.
Nothing beats a good old snowman! Grab a hat, scarf and some stones, put in a bit of work and you’ve got yourself a perfect replica of the classic film. Sort of.

Snow Angels. Last year H watched as Auntie Laura created her best snow angels. Note: if you own a dog you might want to clean up before you hear the snow is coming, or this could get messy!
For something a bit different you could try ice sculptures – make lots coloured ice cubes, and as you make your sculpture pour on a little water to make it stick together. Fantastic!
Paint in the snow with squeezy bottles! Simply fill some squeezy bottles with coloured water and let them loose!
Make a snow volcano. Got a budding scientist on your hands? Follow this recipe to make a volcano in the snow!
And if you really can’t stand to be outside, why not make your own snowy fun inside, with these great ideas!
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