Getting Crafty at Christmas Time!

Getting Crafty at Christmas Time!

H’s auntie currently lives in Germany and unfortunately won’t be home this Christmas. Whilst she isn’t exactly at the other side of the world, I know from experience how hard it can be to be away from your family at this time of year. So when we were sent a lovely craft package from Cartridge Save, I knew just who would be receiving our handmade gifts.

I am a huge fan of crafting, especially with the children. I don’t have a huge amount of time and am often lacking on the patience front, but now H is getting older it is a lot more enjoyable for us both. I think the personal touch rather than spending a fortune on gifts, can have just the same effect and bring more enjoyment.

In our craft package we received a pack of  coloured card and papers, some lovely decorations to add to them and instructions on how to make everything.

I decided to go with the tree decoration and a Christmas card as these seemed less challenging for me my three year old!

I cut out the templates and then drew around them onto H’s chosen papers. I then let my toddler loose with all the decorations and she loved it! Her favourite was the glitter pens and I had a challenge trying to stop her using the whole pen in one big blob! I helped her draw lines across the mittens for our card and then she stuck as many pretty things on as she could.

We left our crafts to dry overnight and then I threaded them up as instructed.

Once our card was ready, H enjoyed writing her name inside and drawing some lovely pictures for her auntie, before we popped it in the post.

Mittens to go on our Christmas card
Christmas Tree decorations drying

Unfortunately I stupidly forgot to take a final photo of the completed crafts, but hopefully these will give an idea of the finished result! Thank you to Cartridge Save for the opportunity to spend a lovely afternoon with my daughter and create some personal gifts for a far-away loved one.

*we received the craft package free for this review, all opinions are my own.

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