Winter Holidays

Winter Holidays

Last week myself, Mr H, Little H and Baby J embarked on a week long holiday with some friends of ours. We decided to head to Fuerteventura, supposedly a winter resort, and opted for a private villa so our little ones could run around to their hearts’ content. With five children under four, between four adults we knew it would be hectic, but were greatly looking forward to it and it did not disappoint.

The kids were great on the plane – as we clambered on with babies swinging around our necks and boisterous toddlers running off ahead I’m sure the plane groaned in unison, but after the 4.5 hour flight most passengers commented on how good they all were, which was a huge relief. Once we had collected our luggage and buggies our destination was only a short 15 minute taxi ride away.

The lovely villa we stayed at was in the area of Caleta and overlooked a golf course, with sea views beyond. There was a private pool, which was fenced off, which was a great idea as it meant we didn’t have to dive after the toddlers every two minutes, particularly J who has no fears and a skill of finding the most dangerous activity he can.

The weather was up and down, fortunately we didn’t have any rain, but most days were a mixture of sun and cloud. We didn’t let that put us off though and enjoyed the beach, pool and a spot of sunbathing when the little ones had a nap.

The mummies and daddies even managed a cheeky night out each and naughtily rolled in at 4am slightly worse for wear! We mainly BBQ’d, but did manage a lovely meal out on our last night and the older children loved staying up late and having a dance.

I have to say, it was strange to come home to Christmas just around the corner, it’s a good job I got organised with my present buying beforehand! Overall we had a lovely week away, although I think the adults all need another holiday to recover!

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