My Little Pony Royal Wedding Castle: Toys R Us Review

My Little Pony Royal Wedding Castle: Toys R Us Review

For the last few weeks we have putting the My Little Pony Royal Wedding Castle to the test, as part of our recent admission into the Toys R Us Toyologist program. I was quite a My Little Pony fan myself as a child and I was aware that they had recently become popular again, in fact we had watched the latest series on DVD so H at least knew what they were.

I was excited to say the least, when it arrived, but I managed to wait for a suitable time to open it –  when H was present! I tried at first to put it together sans-instructions (I am a modern woman, you know), but it wasn’t to be so I opened them up. It wasn’t difficult, but a little fiddly at times. Here’s a little video of me (and the children) putting it together.

H was very excited about putting all the stickers on, so with a little help from mummy she did this bit, and they finished the castle off beautifully.

On first impressions I liked the toy – it wasn’t quite as big as I was expecting, but the two ponies that were included were similar to what I remembered them as a child. They were quite firm plastic with hair that could be combed, and the girl one even had little wings, which I loved.

There were all sorts of pieces that came along with the castle, including crowns, wedding rings, a piano and a cake. H really loved the sparkly gold cape, and of course that she could brush the ponies’ hair. The only things I had to remove were the incredibly tiny teapot and cups as they would have no doubt ended up being in the mouth of our little man.

After a few days of playing the children kept going back to it for more. In fact J seemed to enjoy it more than H sometimes and liked playing with the boy pony and making ‘neighing’ noises. The only problem is that my children are quite heavy handed and I have had to put various pieces back on several times. J keeps pulling the legs off and H keeps pulls the turrets of the towers off. The flags on the trumpets don’t stay on two minutes and the trumpets themselves often come loose. It is a little on the flimsy side and when young children are set loose on it, it doesn’t always stand the test.

The castle is good for imaginative play, though. H has married the ponies off a few times, or they are sent to the ‘dungeon’ underneath because they are naughty. It is great for encouraging children to explore narrative and story telling. A lot of the little pieces have been discarded though, with only the crowns and the comb a regular favourite. We generally keep it in H’s bedroom now so she has the main access to it, although when it is bathtime and bedtime the children do go a grab a pony each to play with.

Overall I like the castle, however I do think it needs to be a bit more robust. I like that you can add to it by buying more ponies, enabling guests to attend the wedding, and there are plenty of opportunities for play.

Here is a little video of what my little lady thought of the castle, along with some footage of them playing with it.

This review was brought to you as part of our role as a Toyologist for Toys R Us

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