Bonfire Night 2013

Bonfire Night 2013

A little late to the table, but I wanted to share our bonfire night photos from this year. We attended a local firework display with some friends and their little girl. It was quite a cool night, but the rain held off so we were lucky. There were two displays – a quieter one earlier on for the small children, and a full one later. We stayed for both and enjoyed the mini fairground in between.

Both children were a bit unsure at first, but their uncle had let off some fireworks at a christening we attended at the weekend so they were at least familiar with them. There were no tears or freak-outs, which I was wary off, however J was very quiet throughout the noisy ones and just wanted daddy cuddles.

I covered H’s ears at first but eventually she covered her own, and then wasn’t even bothered.

Afterwards we went to my friends’ house and the older ones had a go at sparklers, with complete supervision I may add.

I’ve always loved Bonfire Night and when we were young my mum, dad, sister and I would either have a bonfire at home or would go to the local pub who always had one. It was just one of those lovely family events where we all got together to eat toffee apples and bonfire toffee and ooh and aah at the displays. It’s a tradition I really want to continue with my own family and this year we had a lovely bonfire night all together.

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