Mama Designs is 5!

Mama Designs is 5!

I’ve only recently got to know the lovely brand that is Mama Designs and I was fortunate to meet the lady behind the company – Keira – at Britmums in June. She is a huge supported of Jennie and the Matilda Mae fundraising that I hold so close to my heart, so we had some great chats whilst we were down there.

Mama Designs is completely the brainchild of Keira and it all started when she realised there was nothing on the market to help mums discreetly breastfeed in public. So she designed the Mamascarf and that’s where the story began. Since then she has created the Babasac for safe sleeping and the Snoodie for our dribbly little ones. For anyone who is wanting to start their own business, Keira is an inspiration!

This week saw her business turn five and I was delighted to be asked to celebrate with her. We were sent a fantastic party pack, so yesterday we joined my friend Susanne at Ghostwritermummy and had a little celebration. There were party poppers, blowers, sweeties, moustaches (well it is Movember after all!), balloons and party tunes! Keira had also included bubbles for us to send some kisses to Matilda Mae.

We were also sent our first Snoodie so J gave it a try, and I think he rocked it, along with his Kite Baby joggers. I was so impressed with how high quality the Snoodie is. I thought it would be a similar fabric to a bib, but it actually has an inner, absorbent layer, meaning those teething babies that just can’t stop dribbling don’t have to sit soaking wet, the Snoodie takes it all away. And I have to say it felt so soft and comfortable!

Mama Designs also sent me a few questions, so here’s a little insight into my world:

What were you doing 5 years ago: 
In 2008 my husband and I were living in our first house, a little two bed terrace. We had two little dog and were enjoying time with our friends. I was in a pretty rubbish job, but getting on with it. We had just celebrated our friends’ wedding in Finland, which was an amazing and beautiful country, where we had a fantastic time – we drank in an ice bar, went fishing in a huge lake, saw the sunset at 11pm and rise at 1am and went skinny dipping! It is a trip we still reminisce about now.

5 things you love about being a parent:
1. Cuddles – there is nothing better than a baby cuddle.
2. Watching them sleep so peaceful at night and feeling such love for them.
3. Their silliness – even on a crap day they always manage to make me laugh.
4. Watching them grow and learn – as much as I often wish time would slow down, they make me so proud every day.
5. The bond my husband and I share through them.

5 things you you can do now that you couldn’t 5 years ago: 
1. Go up to a stranger and start a conversation. Five years ago I was so so introverted I really struggled making conversation with my friends half the time let alone people I had never met. Through my husband and through blogging I have gained so much confidence.
2. Look back on my past without anger. Through counselling I have dealt with many of my demons and put them to rest, at long last.
3. Navigate twitter! Before blogging I didn’t have the foggiest how it all worked!
4. Travel down to London on my own. I could not have even considered the idea of this five years ago.
5. Care for children. Previous to my own children I had very little experience with them, but now I can confidently manage my own and friends children, for a short time at least!

Your highlights of the last 5 years:
Wow there are so many. Our travels, from Finland to Venice to Edinburgh! Achieving a lifelong dream to not only visit New York, but to live there. And of course my two beautiful children.

What you like about Mama Designs and our products:
The care you take to make sure your products are practical and beautiful, all the while maintaining your excellent quality. Not to mention how much Keira inspires me and has really demonstrated that anyone can do what she has done, with an idea, determination and hard work.

Happy birthday Mama Designs!

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