A Wonderful Day

A Wonderful Day

I was dreading Wednesday this week, to the point I totally freaked out on Tuesday night thinking about it – we’re talking tears, I’m not good enough’s, I’m a bad mother’s – the works. All because I was being forced to endure the thing I feared the most – a day on my own with the children.

This time last year

I used to be fine on these days. We would play, go for walks, learn and have a lovely time together. Then PND hit and it went south. Nowadays I avoid them like the plague. However all friends were busy, my mum was away and my in-laws had already had the children Monday and Tuesday for me and I don’t like to push them too much.

So Wednesday arrived and I dragged myself out of bed, as is the norm these days. We had breakfast, the children played and I felt OK. Really OK. I considered a walk and thought, yes I can manage that. So we got dressed and we went out for a walk.

It was lovely. A great autumn day. We went to our local park, which is pretty limited but still there’s a swing and a slide and it’s better than being stuck indoors. Then we went on a leaf collecting walk. H jumped in puddles, pointed out trees, leaves and berries to me and chattered away happily.

Our leaf collection

To some these days are normal, as they were at one stage for me. But lately they are a rare delight. A day when I have the energy to get the children dressed, get them outside and enjoy them.

A day I felt like me again. It was wonderful.

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