Keeping My Children Safe

Keeping My Children Safe

Just over a year ago I had a long hard think about how much information I shared on my blog about the children. As a primarily parenting blogger, my posts mostly revolve around them, they are discussed via facebook and twitter and many a photo is shared. However after a discussion with a few friends online I became more aware of how this may affect the children, now and in the future.

Internet security is an important issue for all parents to consider. With the rise of social media, parents often don’t think twice before posting everything about their little ones, from what they had for breakfast, their likes and dislikes to their toilet habits! However I don’t think any of us often stop and think that by doing this we are putting our children at risk. It is a scary concept and with so many frightening things in the outside world to worry about, we don’t want to then have to think about our online lives.
No longer are the dangers just outside our homes
What I realised myself during this time was that whilst I was happy to share information about my children and photos and felt it would take away from my blog if I didn’t, that by the same token I didn’t necessarily have to broadcast their names. This is why I now refer to them as Little H and Baby J, or often H and J. Particularly when they are older it means their friends or maybe even teachers won’t be able to find them so easily online and discover all about their childhood and probably topics they wouldn’t want discussing! Further to this, if a person decided to do the unthinkable they would know my children’s names, things about them and quite possibly the right place to find them.
There are so many menacing threats to sharing very personal information online. Often I will share my upcoming holiday plans and whilst I may not reveal the date, I make it obvious the trip away will be soon and my house will be empty. If someone was determined enough they can also find a picture of my house on the blog. Frightening, yet according to an article on Norton’s website 1/3 of us do this! Last year I posted a photo on Instagram of my children’s pile of Christmas presents – an open invitation to someone maybe?
As frightening an issue as it may be, I think the time is coming where we all need to stand back and realise the world we are in, and maybe readdress how much we should share of our lives. The dangers of our modern world are not only outside our front door, but sitting in our living rooms.

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