Little Grippers Review

Little Grippers Review

We have recently been sent some Little Grippers socks for J to try out. Like most children his age, his socks are either constantly hanging off his toes or yanked off by the little man himself and discarded throughout the house. I lose track of the mount I find under the sofa, in the bin or in the dog bed! With the older months coming in, though, I am conscious of letting him wander around barefoot.

Little Grippers are a brand new product designed to put a stop to this age-old problem. With a performance enhancing, natural, adhesive silicon applied to the inside of the sock, the fabric holds tight on and stopping the socks from falling down or off and, as hard as J tried, being pulled off by little hands! It is hypoallergenic, 100% natural, and is dermatologist approved providing no skin sensitisation or irritation and with every wash the ‘Stay on Technology’ renews itself.

J is definitely a prime target for this product and I have to say they definitely did the job! The socks stayed on all day, despite his many attempts to get them off. they didn’t disappear out of the buggy not did they turn up in the dog’s water bowl! The only thing I noticed is that there was a slight mark around his ankle where the socks had gripped on, however he wasn’t uncomfortable with this.

The socks retail at £3.50 for plain sock and £5 for a pair of patterned, which is obviously a little more than normal socks. However given their durability and the results I think they are worth it. The sizes cover newborn to three years old and there is a good range of colours and patterns. I would definitely suggest trying a pair.

*I was sent one pair of socks for this review, however all opinions are my own.

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