Nappykind Review

Nappykind Review

I recently came across a new product and decided to give them a try. Nappykind specialise in providing leg warmers for babies to pre-school children. After much time browsing the store, I chose the multi-star leg warmers for J and the brown leopard print ones for H, both were £4.99.

The leg warmers arrived in good time and I was looking forward to trying them on. 
My husband isn’t a huge fan on them for boys, but J often ends up with no pants on as he is such a squirmer during nappy changes that I give up the fight. These are ideal for keeping him warm without having to remove them each change.

I like the pattern on J’s, however I do find they fall down quite easily and often end up around his ankles after about half an hour. As these are supposed to take them up to pre-school and therefore when a child is on the move I was a bit disappointed – if a child was crawling they would soon be off their legs completely. I have also found his pair have started to fray.

H’s pair are lovely, though. They feel of good quality and with cuffs on both ends they stay on great and I think they look fantastic! They are great whilst she is still up and down with the toilet, it means she doesn’t have to have trousers or tights, these can keep her legs warm but she doesn’t need to be pulling them up and down every time she needs the toilet.
I think the price on the leg warmers is very reasonable, however I think you need to look at the style before you buy. If you only have a very young baby then it really doesn’t matter as they won’t be moving around much, but if they are on the move I would suggest the ones with cuffs to ensure they stay on. I would definitely buy more pairs however as I think they are really cute and stylish!
Having spoken to the lovely people at Nappykind they have told me: “We are actually undergoing lots of changes to improve and help them be the best they can be. We have fortunately started to sell a range of huggalugs which are fantastic quality so shouldn’t fray and what’s even better is that they are based in different age ranges so shouldn’t fall down either! We are also creating our own size guiding page based on tried and tested pairs from bloggers like yourself.” It is lovely to speak to a brand who are forward thinking and willing to take on board feedback. Keep your eye on this brand!
*I have been sent two pairs of leg warmers at a discounted price, all opinions are my own.

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