Daddies Need Time Too

Daddies Need Time Too

Mr H loves his Xbox – in the days pre-children he would spend hours on it, particularly Call of Duty. He was often buying the console latest game and coming home desperate to get started on it. When we lived in California when H was born he would get up at 5am on the weekend so he was on the right time to play with his friends in the UK. I remember many a time he rocked H to sleep in her bassinet with one foot, whilst he ran around shooting people on the TV!

However those days are gone and he doesn’t often get much chance for his own time. When my mum comes to stay he occasionally gets time for a catch up on the Xbox, however for the most part it is gathering dust in our dining room.

Recently he has been very drained and often states he is ‘just tired’ when I ask if he’s ok. Although we are gradually coming out of the difficult period with J, having just moved house there has been a lot of work to do and for the last few months he has barely had a weekend free. The recent weekend in Wales wasn’t really enough to give him much break, especially with H having croup.

So we have recently discussed him having his own time – maybe one evening a week where he can meet up with his friends and go play pool and sink a pint or two. There is also the chance for a break on a Sunday morning when he could play a round of golf or a game of squash.

I do think daddies can often be forgotten when it comes to their own time – we do forget that just because they aren’t at home 24/7 with the children, like we are, that they get worn out too. Although I find it hard being on my own with the children, so any time when daddy can help is precious, I think it is important for us to find a balance. Mr H is my rock and steps in many a time when I am struggling, but if he isn’t 100% it affects us all. It’s not an easy time for us at the moment so it is important for me that my hubby is ok. If this means I take an extra few hours with the children whilst he has a break, then so be it. We all have to pitch in if we are to get through the tough times and I want to be there for my husband as much as he is there for me.

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