The Yorkshire Three Peaks 2014

The Yorkshire Three Peaks 2014

After attempting to climb the Yorkshire Three Peaks, and only successfully completing two, I decided pretty quickly that I was determined to finish it. So after a brief discussion myself, Leyla and Amanda all agreed we would sign up for next year. This time, though, we would train properly. We are planning on taking on a significant walk once a month to try and get ourselves and our bodies more prepared for the 25 miles hike.

So last Sunday we took on our first training session. We all met at Hebden Bridge and for over four hours we walked the 8 mile Peninne Walk. I have to say it was a beautiful walk, and was really varied. We crossed windy moors, walked through fields of heather and along a beautiful windy river. We passed the remains of a long drop toilet and had fun at the stepping stones at Gibson Mill.

After getting absolutely soaking wet last time due to being completely under prepared for the rain after a glorious summer, I wasn’t going to make that mistake again. I packed my waterproof trousers and got myself a proper coat. From Sports Direct, the Karrimor Weathertite 3-in-1 rain mac has a waterproof shell fabric which keeps you dry and lets moisture out, as well as a detachable fleece.

At first I had the whole ensemble on, but I got pretty warm after an uphill climb so being able to remove the fleece was really handy. It easily came out, with just a few press studs holding it in place. Eventually the sun graced us for a little while so I took the whole jacket off, but once we were on the windy moors I was grateful for the Weathertite fabric, which kept the chill out.

When it began to rain a little I was kept dry, the rain not soaking through onto my skin as it did last time! The hood also ended up being a bonus as I could fasten it all the way up, keeping the wind from my ears. Never mind that I may have looked more than a little crazy!

We had a lovely afternoon hiking in the Pennines, who would have thought I would become a walker? Me – who loves her creature comforts, ended up sleeping in the car whilst camping and spends much of her time sat indoors tweeting? But I have to say there is something to be said for getting outside, exploring the world and taking in the breath-taking scenery our country has to offer. And the sense of achievement I feel when I have completed something many would be surprised at, is beyond all else.

*This post is brought to you in association with Sports direct, please see my disclosure policy for more information.

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