Welcome To Ponyville!

Welcome To Ponyville!

I was a big fan of My Little Pony when I was younger and owned several horses, books and films. When I heard that it was being relaunched with. New series I was intrigued to see how it has been done. So when we were given the chance to review the new DVD – Magic of Friendship – I thought, why not? A trip down memory lane for me and hopefully a new love for my little girl.

The new series follows Twilight Sparkle, a clever bookworm pony whose head is often lost in the written word and often misses out on meeting new ponies. Her mentor, Princess Celestia, sets her the mission to discover the true meaning if friendship. Along the way Twilight Sparkle  meets some new friends including an old favourite, Applejack.

The DVD is bright and fun and teaches the importance of friendship in life, as well as showing how to resolve conflicts. At first I don’t think H was too sure. Without music and comprising of all dialogue, it can only keep her attention for a certain amount of time. After a couple of runs at it, though, she seems to have picked up her interest.

She has recently become a huge fan of the new Tinkerbell film so I wasn’t sure how this would rate in comparison, however she has asked for it several times since she watched it. It’s bright colours and cheerful characters do appeal to her girly nature and I think the fact that it centres around ponies is something different to capture her attention.

My Little Pony is now 30 years old and to make this occasion they have conducted some research which has shown that the most popular kids toys are exactly the same today as they were 30 years ago. I found this quite hard to believe, however they claim that back in 1983 the top four most popular toys in Britain among children aged three to eight were; bikes, dolls houses, Barbie and My Little Pony and, despite fierce competition from high tech games consoles and the rise of the internet, parents today say in the most popular children’s toy for children under eight, My Little Pony comes fourth!

I think the DVD is a great addition to your little ones collection and won’t be sat gathering dust after one watch. My two year old doesn’t yet sit for too long watching a film, however she made it through a half an hour episode without a murmur, which is quite a feat! Plus it was lovely for me to reflect back on one of my childhood favourites and catch up with Applejack!
Available on DVD, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is available from the now in all good retailers and www.clearvision.co.uk priced £12.99.

*We were sent the DVD for free however all opinions are my own

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