Chosen By Kids

Chosen By Kids

Last week the children, my mum and I were invited to the Asda HQ in Leeds to try out their new children’s food range, Chosen By Kids. I was quite looking forward to it as the HQ in Leeds is a well-known building and I was intrigued to get a peek inside.

Upon entering we had to go through several security checks, I swear it was like entering MI5, but through the gates there were some lovely areas set up for us to see the new meals in action.

For the last months Asda have been working tirelessly to create a range that is nutritious, tasty and fun, to really encourage children to enjoy food but also eat the right kinds of food. There are 180 products in the new range, spanning breakfast, lunch, teatime and snacks and there is so much variety it will be hard not to find something you children don’t like. Given that the range was originally put to the test by children, it already has the taste seal of approval!

We were greeted by the Monsters who are the face of the brand – it was interesting to see how the children would respond to the large, bright characters in front of them. H was a bit unsure, but J was not phased in the slightest. I turned around to check on him n found him shaking one of their hands, laughing his head off! The bit H enjoyed was looking around all the set-ups on display – the dinner table displaying the teatime meals such as BBQ Chicken & Rice, Meatballs & Spaghetti – all with vegetables hidden inside. At £1.75 they are a good price for this sort of meal, too.

Then there was the school desks, laid out with lunchtime snacks and drink. I have to say the carrot and potato waffles went down a treat and I will definitely be purchasing some of them as a change to the usual potato smilies! I was also taken with the new bagels the team have created – they are children-sized, made with wholemeal and definitely provide a different take on the typical lunchbox sandwich.

We then got a chance to actually try some of the food, and give it a ‘yum’ or ‘yuk’ vote. We were brought out a cheesy pasta dish that was delicious and covered in proper cheese – it looked like it was fresh from the pan.

We then sampled some of the featured products, the monsters feet which were filled with vegetable and potato and are a fun addition to the plate. Finally they gave the children some yoghurt pouches to taste which J gulped down in only a few squeezes, then demanded more! Meanwhile, as well as trying to get a bite of the children’s food, us adults were given a glass of passion fruit smoothie, which was honestly delicious. I have tried so many smoothies and usually hate the consistency, but this was smooth and refreshing and just tasted like a juice.

Monster’s feet

I have to say a huge thank you to the Asda team for our time there. Whilst mummy and grandma were sampling the food chatting to the staff, they chased Baby J around the placed, coaxed H out of her grumpy mood and helped them both try the food and vote on what they thought. Plus we got a chance to see inside this impressive building, and I was pretty awed with it!

A lovely member of the team with H

The range is being rolled out in stores from now until October so definitely look out for the products in your local Asda. I cannot emphasise how much work has gone into making sure the products are great for kids, but perfect for parents too. I will definitely be buying from the range myself.

*we were given a chance to sample some of the meals and provided with goody bags in return for this post,  however all opinions are definitely my own.

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