These Shoes

These Shoes

These shoes are heavy, sometimes they weigh me down
Making me drag my feet
Making every task a million times harder.

These shoes are old and worn
Much like the feet in them
Battered and bruised
Ready for a change

Sometimes these shoes get a break
Whilst a new pair take over
Sometimes beautiful strappy shoes
All shiny and new
Ready to take on the night
Come out to play.

Sometimes boots give me a rest
All cosy and fluffy inside
Keeping those toes cushioned
And away from the cold
Making memories

Or even sandals, open and proud
Bringing the joys of summer
Dragging sand everywhere they step
Making life a little lighter for a short time

But much of the time these shoes stay the same
Never-ending, never changing
Oh how I wish I could throw them in the bin
Like a worn pair of slippers
But instead I place them on each morning
As I get ready for the day
Grey and foggy, never rested
Aching from beginning to end
Often crying from the length of their stay

But wear them I must
As they are my shoes
They may start to get lighter
Maybe even sparkle occasionally
But they will always be my shoes
And I must learn to love them
Once and for all

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