Your Daddy

Your Daddy

Dear H & J

Let me tell you a bit about your daddy.

Your daddy cares. A whole lot. He isn’t judgemental of people, doesn’t discriminate and dislikes any form of prejudice.

Your daddy is the hardest working man. He drags himself out of bed at half six every morning, not returning home until half six at night where he takes over and gives mummy a break, cooks tea whilst mummy puts you to bed and then clears the plates afterwards. He often doesn’t sit down until nine o’clock and whilst he is tired, he rarely complains. He brings home the money to support us all and then looks after us when he gets home.

Your daddy is honest. Stupidly honest he often says as he will tell the truth even when it gets him into trouble, often with mummy. This makes him the most trustworthy man and if you make him promise something you can be sure he will stick to his word.

Your daddy has atrocious dress sense. You will regularly find him in paint-splattered trackies or a dog-encrusted hoody. It’s him. It’s how he ‘rolls’ and, despite mummy’s attempts, this will never change.

Your daddy is silly. He can put on a million accents and characters and love to play the fool. Nothing makes him laugh more than a good old thumb war.

Your daddy is clever. He may act the fool and like to make us all think otherwise, but he is very clever really. So when you are trying to beat him at chess or trivial pursuit, or outwit him whilst playing the Kevin Bacon Game, beware!

Your daddy is loyal. To his family, his friends, his colleagues. He doesn’t take well to bad-mouthing and never joins in with it – no matter what people’s failings he accepts them for what they are and stands by their side.

Your daddy is patient – he has to be to put up with mummy’s continuous bossing around!

Your daddy loves the tele. Catch him during an episode of American Chopper or whilst watching any film and you will likely be met with deaf ears. Already you understand this as I hear you patiently calling ‘daddy’ louder and louder each time until you’ve got his attention. It can be frustrating, but it’s one of the those silly traits you grow to smile at.

Your daddy can fall asleep anywhere. Especially after a drink, or several. It’s quite an impressive trait and one that often results in face inking.

Your daddy has struggled. With his own problems, with those of others and trying to be the perfect husband and daddy. But he has also overcome those struggles, just like you will do yourself.

Your daddy is by no means perfect, but who is? Nevertheless he is amazing, brilliant, incredible and our hero.

Your daddy loves you. This you will always know, always be told and can always rely on. No matter what you do, where you go and how much you may test him.

Your daddy is the bestest daddy in the whole wide world. And don’t ever let anyone tell you any different.

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