Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

I first heard about Pink Lining when I started blogging nearly two years ago. The ultimate Yummy Mummy Bag I have since seen them on many a mummy blogger’s arm and gazed on green with envy. So when I was offered the chance to review one of these unattainable beauties I can safely say I bounced with glee.

After a long time excitedly perusing the store, I plumped for the Blooming Gorgeous changing bag. It arrived beautifully wrapped, like a cotton candy Christmas delight, and it certainly lives up to it’s name. It is stunning. With cream bows on a baby pink background, the front canvas pocket has a lovely daffodil applique on the front.

The Features:

The bag has two handles so you can carry it as a shoulder bag or in your hands, and it also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so it can also be worn across your body and also hang it across your buggy handlebar easily.

Inside the bag is one large main compartment where I keep the essentials – wipes, nappy bags, my purse, as well as any extras you need such as toys, a change of clothes, snacks. There are two elasticated pockets to hold nappies which is always handy so they don’t get lost in the middle of your overflowing baby paraphernalia.

There are two insulated bottle holders on the outside, which is great to hold bottles or drinks for my two, and as there is one on each side it balances out the weight across the bag.

Also inside the bag  is a pen holder, key fob, mirror, small zip pocket and my phone even had it’s own home, meaning that when it rang I wasn’t emptying dirty bibs, empty crisp packets and full nappy bags all over the pavement in the hunt for the elusive mobile.

Finally there is a lovely padded changing mat included, which was ideal for those occasions when a changing table isn’t to hand; and a wet zip bag, to make sure any unfortunate accidents don’t leak out onto the remaining contents of your bag.


The bag is a good size so holds quite a lot, in fact a lot more than you would think. It has accompanied me on nearly every trip out I have made and has stored sandwiches, fruit, snacks and drinks when we went on a picnic; towels, costumes and a change of clothes when we went swimming and beach towels, hats, suncream, armbands, snacks and lots of water when we went to the beach.

Joining us on holiday in Derbyshire

A trip to the shops

Watching in the background whilst H chooses sweets

The main fabric is a cotton canvas, however the bulk of it is covered in an EVA coating, ensuring it is firm, strong and stands up to the bashing it will no-doubt ensue. My children have thrown it around the living room, tipped many a drink down the front and filled it with biscuit crumbs, however after a quick shake out and wipe down, it is good as new.

The extra pockets inside mean that smaller items, such as change, hair clips, pens or combs, can be kept out of the main space where they will no doubt be lost into the abyss. The nappy pockets are very practical, however I did feel these were a bit on the tight side and would only comfortably hold three nappies each, six in total. This is fine if you have one child in nappies but as I have two it wasn’t quite enough if I was going out for the day.

The front pocket on the outside I used for my own bits and bobs that I needed to hand, particularly my car keys. There is nothing worse than standing next to your car, screaming baby in one arm and tantrumming toddler holding on the other whilst you rummage around in a panic trying to locate your keys.


The Pink Lining definitely lives up to its reputation on looks – it is beautiful and I was extremely proud to display it everywhere I went, happily proclaiming my ownership. But does it do the job? On the whole, yes. There are a couple of areas that I feel could be tweaked, particularly the nappy pockets and the fact that the shoulder strap, being light coloured, get dirty very easily – maybe that could be coated too? However I cannot say it let me down. It is robust and has held up well to umpteen uses, spillages and generally been thrown from car to house every day. I am yet to find a mark or tear anywhere, even in the lining, which is usually the first to go. Most importantly, it holds a staggering amount of gear, which let’s face it, is what all us parents need out of our changing bag.

Spot the Pink Lining

The bag has accompanied us on many a trip – our holiday in Derbyshire, trips to the farm, Sealife Centre, the Matilda Mae walk where it got drenched and still survived, it has resided at a birthday party, playdates and many a messy play time, holding those wipes close by. I absolutely adore my Pink Lining and it will remain part of the family for a long time to come. In fact I dread the day when my children are older and it becomes redundant – what will I do without my daffodils swinging on my shoulder, keeping those vital baby wipes to hand??

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