Here’s To Turning 30

Here’s To Turning 30

This weekend I celebrated my thirtieth birthday in style. On Friday we hired a barge for the day, the sub came out and we had a beautiful day sailing down the canal. We sipped bubbly, we pretended we were on the Titanic ( it has to be done right?), we raced down the side of the boat and we all laughed lots.

That evening we head into Manchester city centre to Tiger, Tiger, where we had booked a ‘sensible’ meal and then reserved a karaoke booth. The cocktails flowed and after a few B52’s we were all more than up for a good sing-song. Unbeknownst to me, Mr H has been practising Flying Without Wings in his car for a few weeks (I was a self-confessed mega Westlife fan back in the day), and gave me a lovely serenade. With the likes of Last Marmalade and Spice Girls, some Run DMC and Bon Jovi thrown in, we all did a lot of jumping around and screaming down the mics! It was the perfect birthday.

And how do I feel about turning another decade? No different than I did last week. I have a beautiful family, I am working towards doing what I love and I am finally putting my demons to rest. I am exactly where I want to be.

If the last decade is anything to go by the next ten years will be full of many adventures!

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