Review: Speck Cases

Review: Speck Cases

After emptying the contents from my Britmums goody bag in June I came across an iPhone case by Speck. I handed it to Mr H but he has just bought himself a new one so we put it to one side and didn’t give it much thought. Then I saw Leyla from This Day I Love and she had a gorgeous new iPad case, and when I discovered it was also from Speck I revisited the case I’d been given. After speaking to the lovely Lindsay she gave me the option to try out an iPad cover myself, so I quickly head to the online store and after umming and erring for a while, opted for the FitFolio in Fresh Bloom Pink.

Speck are an American company currently taking the UK market by storm. They were founded in 2001 by a group of California-based engineers and, as they say: “we’re captivated by our gadgets, amped up about the technology behind them and downright fanatical about design.” Given that my delivery had to travel overseas to reach me, I didn’t expect it to arrive anytime soon, so I was very pleasantly surprised when it turned up two days later. I unwrapped it and snapped the hard-shell cradle around the back of my iPad. With a microfibre inside and lightweight feel it was like a second skin on the iPad that I could barely tell was there and yet I knew kept it protected.

It has several positions depending on how you want to use your iPad – is flips back completely, or has four viewing angles so you can use it to how suits you.

Once you have finished the magnets switch your iPad off as it closes, saving the battery, and when you decide to use it again they then unlock it when you open the case. My favourite feature, though, is the snap clasp, locking it in place once it is shut.

I just feel that this case is really high quality and does everything I need it to, all whilst looking great. I chose the Fresh Bloom Pink design as I felt the coral pink and flower design suited me perfectly. While Mr H may not be too keen on it’s girly exterior he also admits the case is great.

At £26 I felt it was mid-range priced considering all the features it offers. Speck offer a huge selection of designs so do head over to their store as there is sure to be a style to suit you!

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