I Heart Kyna Boutique

I Heart Kyna Boutique

Have you heard of Kyna Boutique? If not I suggest you head over there immediately!

They stock beautiful, organic clothing by the kind of brands you don’t find on the high street. Since blogging I have come across quite a few independent retailers and although sometimes it can be more expensive than buying in say, Primark, I find at these online stores the clothes are always top quality and quite stunning, plus you’re less likely to find your next door neighbours child sporting the same outfit! Kyna Boutique is the pick of the bunch for me.
I have been eyeing up some Ava & Luc PJ’s for my two for a while now, even though they are different sexes I still like to very occasionally dress them in matching. So when I saw the purple horse pyjamas I knew they would be perfect. 
Jenny, the lovely lady who created Kyna Boutique, was so helpful. Even though they hasn’t got the new stock in, she ordered me the right sizes in and within two days they were in my hands. Beautifully packaged, I eagerly opened them to reveal the beautiful pyjamas inside.
Made of the softest organic cotton, the lovely bright purple PJ’s are fun and sport Ava & Luc’s signature animal print. You can tell just from handling them that they are high quality and will be worn many a time. I ordered size 1-2 years for Baby J and 3-4 years for Little H. Jenny was extremely helpful when I asked about sizing and advised Ava and Luc can sometimes fit on the smaller size, and ordering slightly bigger for H means they will last her a long time.
I immediately dressed the children up, of course making them post for photos! They loved being dressed the same and kept pointing to each other and giggling. The round next top easily slipped over their heads and the elastic cuff and trouser bottom meant that even though they are slightly on the big aide, they can be pushed up and don’t hang over their feet and hands.

At £24 a pair they are not the cheapest of pyjamas, but I do love them so. I know the children will wear them again and again and they will be around much longer than any other PJ’s they own. That in itself is worth the price to me.

*I did not get anything for doing this review I just love these products and wanted to shout about them!

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