The Yorkshire 3 Peaks

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks

In five days, yes FIVE DAYS, I will be embarking on my biggest challenge. As I turn thirty on August 4th (yes I expect presents!) I decided to do something to remember it by. At first I considered Ben Nevis, and even Kilimanjaro, but as I am not really a walker or particular an ‘outdoors’ person, I decided not to go too crazy for my first time.

Celebrating my last birthday as a 20-something

So instead I am climbing three mountains in twelve hours, covering 25 miles and climbing to a height of 736 metres. Yes, dead easy that one.

I first posted it about the challenge in April and since then have been trying to train as much as I can, which is not easy with two small children.

And now it is time to prepare myself. It will be tough, there is no denying it, and if the weather remains the same it will be very hot. I’m sure there will be times where I will want to stop, turn back around and give in. But I won’t. Because in life there is no escape. When things are tough we can’t just give in and lie down. We have to push through and make our way out the other side, in the hope that we are better for the challenge. And that is what this is all about for me. Setting myself a goal, committing to it and succeeding.

And if I help out another person along the way, the greater the achievement.

I am raising for The Alzheimer’s Society, with which I have personal experience of. It would mean the world to me if you would just press click and sponsor £1.

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