Round & Round The Garden #2

Round & Round The Garden #2

What a difference a week makes! When last time I posted our garden looked like this:

It then went to this:

Then this:

And it now looks like this!

Our turf has been laid and bedded in and for the last weekend and evenings Mr H and his dad have been slogging away getting the decking up. We bought a ‘ready made’ set from Screwfix and whilst they haven’t needed to do any cutting and sawing, there has still be a lot of work.

I’m looking forward to the finished result, and then brightening it up with some lovely paint from Farrow & Ball. At first we were thinking of a muted green colour, but as several items we have already got for the garden are green, and of course so is the grass we thought it might be a bit of a green overload, so we decided to look at more grey colour. After a lot of umming and erring we opted for this Pavillion Grey, which I think for a large amount of the garden it will blend in nicely.
We have also been working on my planter idea, inspired by this one I found on Pinterest:

We sourced a load of tyres from our local garage and have testing the layout. After Mr H lugging them about and building up a sweat for several minutes, I think we have decided on this:

It looks a bit like a trailer park at the moment but I’m hoping once they are painted and planted it will be transformed. Watch this space!
Next week I’m hoping to have installed a little bit more life into the garden! Mr H will be continuing to finish the decking and then it’s onto the children’s play area as well as painting up those tyres. Do head back the same time next week to see how we’ve got on!

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