Our Big Night In With Money Supermarket

Our Big Night In With Money Supermarket

We were challenged by Money Supermarket to explore what A Big Night In is to us. In days gone by we were huge night-in hosts and always throwing fancy dress parties, cocktails parties and basically found any excuse to have our friends over and have a great night!

Whilst for the most part those days are long gone, we still find time every now and again to spend time with our friends, it’s just now the children join us in the fun. So over the weekend whilst the weather was glorious we invited over a few friends and children and took our Big Night In into the garden.

I sent Mr H to the supermarket and he returned with enough food to feed the five thousand. He decided to make his own burgers, so set to work on those whilst the hot dogs and ribs were cooking. He puts on a pretty good spread, my hubby, and this was no exception.

After a day of running round in the paddling pool and enjoying the new crazy golf set, the children were ready to tuck into their grub. 

After they were cleaned up the older ones settled down on the sofa to watch Dora the Explorer on DVD, whilst us adults relaxed with a Peroni or two.

Whilst our Nights In might not be as wild as they used to be, they are just as much fun!

*I was offered £50 from Money Supermarket to spend on our Big Night In

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