Round & Round The Garden

Round & Round The Garden

In November of last year we bought a beautiful house. It was in the village we currently lived in, it was up the road from a lovely primary school and it was brand new. After moving house eight times in the nine years we have lived together (two of those being transatlantic moves), this is the house we want to firmly lay roots in.

As with many new build houses, the garden left much to be desired. A good size, but it was lacking even a bit of turf and we knew it would need work. I have high hopes to turn this garden into our perfect space – decking with a table and chairs and burner for adult time, a play area for the children, low-maintenance flower beds to add some colour, trees to create privacy. We want it to be an environment the children can play and learn in, come rain or shine. There will be bright colours, different textures, wildlife and nature. Well, that’s the hope!

So I am introducing my garden project – Round & Round The Garden. Over the next two months you will see our garden transform from a barren, empty space to a bright, fun place to play and explore. Of course, gardens need time to mature and grow, but I plan to set the groundworks for a space we can enjoy for many years.

I have a few brands involved in the project and I will be featuring them throughout the posts. I will also be sharing tutorials as I attempt to reproduce my favourite projects from Pinterest (I have been pinning-mad over the last few weeks!) and share my experience of creating a garden for children.

Here is just some of the things you will see throughout the series:

How to create a flower bed out of recycled tyres.
Information on vertical gardening
Creating a scented garden
How to get children involved in gardening
Outdoor playtime
Creating a wonderland for many insects

…and many more!

So to set it all off, here’s a few photos of our garden, so you can see where it all begins.

Poor H!

Finally, here is a very rough sketch of my plans for the layout.

It’s great that we have a pretty blank canvas to work from, but we have a lot of work ahead of us! I can’t wait to show you our progress and I will be posting every week as we go along, running through July and August, so do keep checking back to see how it’s coming along!

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