The Importance of Imagination Play

The Importance of Imagination Play

Imagination play is a simply child using their imagination to create scenarios and situations in which to create a world they can play in. It is something we will all remember doing as a child and it is an extremely important part of experiencing the world around us. It is also a very important part of growing up – both through developing important social skills and confidence that is much needed in later life.

Play Outside
Getting out in the fresh air is a great way for children to play. It gives children a chance to be close to nature and experience a whole different world first hand. Children love to get messy in the garden and I am yet to see a child who has mud on their face and leaves in their hair, with an unhappy face! As well as being ‘at one’ with nature, being outside can teach children a lot about the world they live in.
Growing vegetables and planting flowers in the garden with children can teach them about where food comes from. Allowing a child to watch something grow until the point where it can be eaten is a valuable way for them to learn about where food comes from. As well as helping them appreciate the healthier things in life it is also good to help them notice the value in these things. Wasting food can be a problem for some parents, trying to make your children finish a whole plate of food for some can be a daily struggle. Allowing them to appreciate the effort that goes into food, will hopefully teach them a whole new way of looking at the food they eat. It will also help them realise that not everything comes out of a packet!
Another good reason to encourage outdoor play is the obvious health benefits. Even if it is not the height of summer – a child adorned with hat and coat will happily play outside for hours. The rosy cheeks and smiling faces will be fulfilling enough without even thinking about the added bonus of the exercise running around outside will give them. 
Imagination Play in the Garden
Imagination play has a strong place in the garden. Just think of all the different scenarios that can be created on a climbing frame for example. Do you remember playing on the park as a child? If you do, you will surely remember that a plain wooden climbing frame could be a whole variety of things. Imagine playing pirates and making your playmates ‘walk-the-plank’ or laying siege to a castle in the middle-ages. Climbing frames are becoming a lot more affordable for the modern family and a good sized wooden climbing frame could be part of your garden for a reasonable price. All the Action climbing frames at www.climbingframes.comcome with a 10 year warranty on the wood so could be a great investment if getting to the park can be quite difficult.
A home climbing frame can give your child the freedom and opportunity to let their imagination run wild. Many of them can incorporate a whole host of different play aspects. For example, if you have children who love the adventurous imagination play, then climbing nets, rope ladders and rock climbing walls will suit them down to the ground. If you wanted to add a sporting element then a basketball net or swing could be really fun for many children. Draw bridges, tunnels and accessories like telescopes and steering wheels will transform any wooden climbing frame into a ship, a submarine or anything else your child could possibly imagine.

Gardens can be brought to life with just a few bits of play equipment. There is no need to litter your garden in plastic toys that may just break after a short time. If a construction like a tree house or climbing frame is too large for your garden something smaller such as a playhouse or play tent could give your children that perfect little den in which they can let their imagination run wild.

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