Swimming With The Fishes: A Preview of Sea Life Centre Manchester

Swimming With The Fishes: A Preview of Sea Life Centre Manchester

This week we had a great opportunity to have a preview of the new Sealife Centre at Manchester Trafford Centre. I love these kind of family trips so I jumped at the chance to visit.

It is the 14th Sea Life Centre in the UK and will feature over 5000 sea creatures. Unfortunately things weren’t quite ready during our visit and we had to step over a few open paint pots, but I think once it’s all complete there will be a lot to see.

A fun part was our introduction to the centre, featuring a talk on turtles using a light display. It was great for the kids and Little H enjoyed watching the baby turtles crawl towards the sea.

The tanks were at a good height and H could see into most of them, which was great for her, and there were some small tanks she could crawl under and see all the fish over her head. It did feel a little tight in there, and whilst this meant children were quite close by so you could keep an eye on them, I wonder how it will be once it is busy and full of prams.

Half way around we had the opportunity to look at some crabs and actually give them a little stroke. The plan is to be able to do this with starfish too and I love that it was different to just the usual stingrays. The crabs did look a bit fearful of the boisterous boys that kept trying to grab them, though!

We did see some stingrays later on, in a much larger tank. This was great as they were flying past us at some speeds and H thought they looked like birds as they flapped their fins.

Unfortunately we didn’t get chance to try the play area or shop, but they looked bright and welcoming so I’m sure they will be good additions.

We really enjoyed our day at Sea Life, especially Little H, and I’d like to give a huge thank you to all the staff who made our day such fun. Here are a few of our best bits:

Tickets are available online from just £12 per person. For more information about SEA LIFE visit http://www.visitsealife.com or call 0871 221 2483.

* I had the opportunity to view the centre for free, however all opinions are my own.

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