A Messy Cake Smash for Matilda

A Messy Cake Smash for Matilda

On May 2nd Matilda Mae should have turned one year old. Instead her heartbroken parents wish her farewell and sent her ashes out to sea in a little balsa wood boat.

This week’s messy play post was inspired by this little girl. The day before my mum helped me bake some buns and buttercream (I am such a tragic baker that I can’t even makes cupcakes) and I bought some pink frosting, marshmellows and star sprinkles.

I set them all put on the Tuff Spot and let my little ones loose.

H thought this was the greatest thing in the world! She didn’t really get the play part and instead set to work devouring the marshmallows before turning on the frosting!

Baby J however got stuck right in. First of all he had fun with the sprinkles, pouring them from one pot to another, spreading them about and generally making a lovely mess!

My mum then showed him how to dip the cake in the buttercream, and once he’d discovered even could make even more mess this way he wasted no time pouring it everywhere and rubbing his legs in it!

The children were thoroughly covered by the end of it all and a big sticky mess! They had a great time and we remembered Baby Tilda as our inspiration.

Happy Birthday Matilda Mae
You will remain in our hearts and in our play.

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