Family Time

Family Time

This weekend my sister and her boyfriend came to visit. After a night of a few drinks, some fresh air was just what we needed to brush the cobwebs away, so we donned our coats and shoes and head outside.

Because we often have the children plus buggies when we go for a walk, we are quite limited to where we can go, but today H walked and we put Baby J in his carrier on Mr H so we could do a bit of exploring.

It was really great as there are lots of fields near us when we manage to get off the beaten track, and it was nice and quiet.

H loved the freedom to run but I think she loved having her Auntie L to run after more. They played chase, hide and seek and piggy backs and it was lovely to watch. I’m looking forward to the future years when both children will run after each other and we can all go on these walks more often.

As my family are over the Pennine’s I don’t always see my sister as much as I like, so I do cherish these moments together.

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