Sea Creatures

Sea Creatures

I seem to have had water beads sat on my worktop for weeks now! They have so many uses and I have been reluctant to throw them away. However I think Mr H has got sick of seeing them, so as one last playtime I picked out all the water colours (which took ages!) and created a little ocean scene for H.

I added her sea creatures to the beads, along with some shaving foam for effect and away she went.

H is still at an age where she needs showing to play sometimes, so I got into it myself and we made a story where the baby seal had gone missing and mummy seal tried to find it, encountering sharks and such along the way. She thought this was great fun and once I had taken my turn she was quite happy to reenact the story herself, with different animals.

She wasn’t so keen on the shaving foam at first and wanted her hands wiping, but once I showed her that it didn’t matter if her hands got a little messy she seemed to forget about it and got carried away in her play.

This was a very quick playtime to set up and kept her entertained for quite a while. It was also fun for mummy to join in!

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