My First Book Club

My First Book Club

I have always been a huge reader, when I was little we used to take five or six books on holiday for me, only to be hunting through whichever Spanish town we were visiting for an English bookshop as I’d finished them all. There are many a holiday snap of me, nose deep in a book. As I’ve got older I’ve not found the same time to dedicate to a good book, however I do find once I’ve started one I have that same addiction to the written word and can often read a book in a day, neglecting my household chores and often meals!

Of course with two small children I do have to prioritise so my reading has been put on a very noticeable back burner – I have dusty piles of books my mum has passed on to me, yet to be touched. So when I heard about Britmums Book Club I thought it would be a great opportunity to make some time for me and find a few minutes here and there to explore a good book.

March’s offering is Honour by Elif Shafak. It is not a book I would have chosen for myself, but that is the beauty of a Book Cub – those unexpected treats. I have to say it pulled me in from the word go – “My mother died twice” – an intriguing opener.

A tale of culture, shame and family it twists and turns, taking us through the journeys of each character and travelling from a small Kurdish Village in Istanbul to London in the 70’s to a small prison cell. The book centres on a Kurdish family, in particular twin sisters Jamila and Pembe, and their upbringing in a strong Muslim community.

I found the narrative jumped around a bit, which was a little confusing at first, however once I got used to it I found it helped me distinguish one story from another. The book follows several characters from their family and gives each individuals perspective on the story, which helps you empathise with each one despite their actions. The theme of family was one I felt was a key part to the book and I often found parallels to my own life. Issues such as how a mother raises her son, feelings of being an outsider and how that is dealt with we’re particular poignant to me.

I finished the book in a few days, which I only do when I really enjoy something. Although I felt that the end was left a little bit open and some characters I would have liked to hear more about, it gripped me from the beginning and I thoroughly enjoyed the story.

*I have been sent this product for free to review, however all opinions are my own.

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