The Next Challenge

The Next Challenge

As I fast approach the end of my twenties I have been having a think about some goals I would like to set myself. In the last ten years I met my husband, gained my degree, settled across the Pennines, got married, got a dog, bought our first house, moved to New York and then California, had our two amazing children, bought our beautiful home, had my eyes lasered, made some amazing friends, visited some amazing places. In fact, writing it all down, I achieved a lot!

So now it is time to set the next challenges, starting with the first. I have always wanted to do some sort of mountain walk. Watching Gary Barlow & co climb Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief a few years ago really triggered something and since then I have been trying to do my own climb. After I feel pregnant with Baby J it went on hold, but now the time has come.

So I have signed up to walk the Yorkshire 3 Peaks for Alzheimer’s Society. I thought this was starting off small, but now the pack has arrived and I have seen the suggested training programme it seems it is now such a small feat. But I am up to the challenge.

I chose to support The Alzheimer’s Society. Alzheimer’s it is an illness that has affected my husband’s family greatly. In 2000 his Nan sadly passed away after suffering from it for several years and in 2006 his Grandma was then diagnosed with it. She is doing OK and has managed to remain in her home, however it is awful to watch someone lose their memories and I know it affects my husband greatly.

Alzheimer’s is a terrible illness currently affecting over 800,000 people in the UK. Whilst it mostly affects the elderly, up to 10% of sufferers are under 65.

So now I am asking you for support. Whatever you can be spare – a few pennies is enough – please donate them to my Just Giving page. Not only will you be helping me achieve my goal but the money will be helping those who suffer with Alzheimer’s. Please click this Just Giving link and with a couple of clicks you can make a difference.

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