Baby J is Ten Months Old

Baby J is Ten Months Old

Today Baby J turns ten months old. I can’t believe in two tiny months my little man will turn one – a whole year old! This last twelve months have gone by so unbelievably quickly it really doesn’t seem almost a year ago I was getting ready to go into hospital. Having two children taking up our time definitely makes the minutes go on fast forward!

Our little man is rapidly leaving the baby stage behind. He is pulling up on everything, walking very confidently with the walker and occasionally letting go and standing on his own. He prefers to feed himself than be spoon fed and is down to two bottles a day – one of which goes into his porridge on a morning. He has started to babble a lot more now, saying gaga, yaya, hiya and occasionally mama and dada. His favourite sound at the moment is ‘ooooh’ though! With the help of his Pops he is trying to wave, but so far just sticks his hand in the air!

He loves nothing more than to follow his sister around, generally destroying whatever she has carefully lined up, and always greeted with an angry scream from her! He doesn’t let it phase him though and still dotes on her and can often be seen just staring up at her with a big smile on his face. The children have slowly started to play together now, which is lovely to watch. They pass a ball back and forth and chase each other around the house, giggling their heads off.

Baby J has started paddying a little if he doesn’t get what he wants – usually if H moves her toys away from him if she doesn’t want them demolished, or if there’s food nearby that isn’t being shared! He is generally quiet and content, but definitely let’s you know if he’s not happy!

Last week his top two teeth came through and it was a nightmare – for him and us! We spent three nights being woken every twenty minutes to screaming, it was not pleasant and I am dreading the molars. He now has four teeth – two at the bottom and two at the top. No longer a gummy baby!

He is sleeping really well, although not quite as long as his sister used to. He seems to have dropped an hour through the day, and we’ve yet to get his routine back on track. Sometimes he has two hours around 11, sometimes he has an hour on a morning and an hour after dinner. He does sleep through the night, but is up anything from 6.30am – 7.30am, waking his sister up! And here was me thinking 8.30am being a lie-in was a crazy concept!

We had a fantastic time at his Christening on February 24th and he was a very good little man throughout the service, in fact I think he wanted to jump into the font for a swim! We also saw his first haircut and first bad bump to the head, which resulted in a first ambulance ride and trip to A&E (I’m thankful to report all was fine, although mummy learnt a valuable lesson).

first haircut…
…and first bump

Baby J is such a happy little chap, always with a smile at the ready to show off those dimples! He is very active and into everything – today the bin had to be removed and it is getting time for a baby gate to return to the bottom of the stairs, something I hate doing. I am looking forward to the future – first steps, talking, watching the children play together more – but am sad to say goodbye to the baby days.

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