Water Bead Play

Water Bead Play

A few weeks ago I came across the fantastic site, How To Train Up A Child. Filled with tons of play ideas for little ones, it is now my go-to guide for inspiration!

When I saw a post on water beads, lights and eggs, I had to give it a try so I jumped on eBay and ordered away. They arrived quickly but it took me a few days to decide how many water beads  I needed for a good play, so first we tried the eggs and lights out. Today it was the beads’ turn!

We pulled out H’s sand table and along with the plastic eggs, cups and a couple of spoons, set to play. Unfortunately due to J’s tendency to chew anything and everything he had to watch on, much to his frustration.

H loved touching the beads and the first thing she did was start squishing them under her hands.

She then set to work transferring them into plastic cups with the different spoons…

…and then between hands.

However she had the most fun throwing them on the floor, watching them bounce and roll!

Fortunately this isn’t a messy activity and can be easily cleared away once they’ve had enough.

I would definitely recommend this for your toddler, it was great fun, in fact I ordered a load more beads today, ready for some Easter fun!

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