Blog/Life Balance

Blog/Life Balance

Just lately I have been struggling to get a healthy balance between the time I spend on my blog (which includes tweeting and facebooking) and the time I spend with my family. I often find myself ‘nipping’ onto Twitter throughout the day, often can’t watch a whole TV show without jumping on to see what everyone’s up to and just lately Little H has commented a couple of times about me putting my iPad/phone down. Clearly I’m over-doing it.

But I really don’t know how to balance it and once again I’m considering whether blogging is the right thing for me. I’m obviously an all-or-nothing person when it comes down to it and really cannot seem to find a balance.

I know a lot of people blog at nap times or on an evening, but I am still one for napping when they do, otherwise I can’t last the day in a decent frame of mind, and as Mr H and I eat after the kids are in bed we often don’t sit down until 8.30pm and I don’t want to spend my only time with him tapping away at the computer.

So I’m putting out a plea for advice – how do you all do it? I know plenty of other bloggers who have much more on their plates than I do, with school runs, looking after many more children or holding down jobs. Some bloggers manage to post daily when at the moment I’m struggling to manage two a week. I am heading to Britmums this summer and certainly don’t want to put an end to my blogging now, but when it’s affecting my time with the children I just don’t know what to do.

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