Wiggly Worms!

Wiggly Worms!

Last week we were forced to stay inside waiting for a delivery, so had to find entertainment for a stir-crazy toddler! Whilst I was in Wilkinsons a few days before I had picked up some pipecleaners (for a £1 may I add!) with this activity in mind, and this was the perfect opportunity.

Whilst Baby J was napping (I didn’t think the sharp wire in the pipecleaners was suitable for him to be trying to chew on) I pulled out an old colander and said pipecleaners and showed Little H how to thread them through the holes. It only took a couple of attempts before she was doing it herself, although of course mummy had to play too!

H loved pulling them out at the end and throwing them all over, pronouncing them wiggly worms!

Mummy had the most fun making pipecleaners animals, though. Can you guess what it is yet??

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