Choo Choo!

Choo Choo!

A couple of days ago I met up with an old school friend – Leyla from This Day I Love. It had been 14 years since we last saw each other, a lot of water had gone under that bridge and a lot of things had changed in each of our lives. And yet 14 years later, here we are, both married, both mummies to two and nine month olds, both blogging and both a lot happier than we were last time we met. It was a reunion I went to with trepidation but also excitement. Leyla was the girl who, when I was at my lowest, saw me and offered her hand and despite what followed between us as teenagers, it’s always been a moment I haven’t forgotten.

I needn’t have been concerned, it was like time hadn’t passed. She was still as chatty, friendly and silly as she’d always been and I could see she was still that girl who was there for me that day. And her girls are beautiful!

We had a lovely day at Kirklees Light Railway, riding the train there and back and then playing in the park area afterwards. Of course there was lots to catch up on, and in between chats we oo’d and aah’d with the girls (and Baby J!) over the passing countryside and animals we all and enjoyed having a closer look a the ‘choo choo’ afterwards. Then the children all enjoyed the park and Baby J had a go on a swing for the first time. As with most things, he had a giggle at the ready and a happy smile!

It was a lovely day and the sun even bestowed us with its presence.

This Day I Love new possibilities!

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